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The Emergency Response, powered by VoiceGate's dialing engine, scales from 2 ports to 128 ports allowing business, industry and government emergency and business continuity planners to communicate quickly and accurately with their primary and secondary response teams across all industry standard communication devices. Planners can prepare for a crisis by pre-identifying response groups; or groups with specific skill setsand the message they would deliver to that particular group given a certain condition or emergency unfolds. If and when a specific emergency takes place, planners are ready to click a button on the Emergency Response to launch a dialing campaign to a specific group of responders - the system simply picks up all available lines, internet connections and dials to deliver the message to up to five different numbers per responder.

The Emergency Response comes with either a French or English GUI (Spanish is in development), complete with accompanying English, French Canadian (and soon Spanish) text to speech engines allowing planners to communicate with their responders in both of Canada's official languages. Planners can easily change messages by simply typing them into the system. Pull down menus allow for quick changes of the dialing scenario the system will execute to deliver a specific message to a specific group or sub-group of responders. Available scenarios are: Message delivery (dial, deliver message); Fit For Duty (dial, identify responder, "are you fit for duty" deliver message); Fit For Duty - Arrival (dial, identify responder, "are you fit for duty" deliver message, "Enter when you will arrive"), Voice Casting (dial, identify responder, pull them back into a conference call); Automated Contact Verification (dial, identify responder, automatically update responder‚s contact information).

Rapid Notification = Saved Lives
On the rare occasions when an emergency or crisis occurs on campus, we want to be able to contact you quickly with information or instructions. Our Campus Alert module "The VoiceGate Emergency e-Response mass message notification and emergency planning system." Has the ability to seize every desktop and digital display within any network and post and announce an alert will enable emergency planners to manage evacuations and disseminate emergency instructions faster than by calling or sending SMS messages in campus, educational and business settings.

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