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Applications for our Emergency Response Notification System:
Medical Agencies
Power Facilities
Penal and Half Way Houses
Environmental Agencies
Disaster Response
Chemical Manufacturers
Hazardous Material Processing Stations
Virus and Disease Research Facilities
Fire Departments

What is Emergency Telephone Notification?
How does our Emergency Response Notification System work?
How does it benefit my organization?
How will it save my organization time and money?
Industrial strength and reliability.
Applications for an Automated Notification System.

The Emergency Response, The Dialing Engine, is a powerful emergency response outbound mass message delivery notification system designed to enhance communications between Agencies, Corporations, Organizations, Governments, and their Communities. The Emergency Response ensures fast contact between Emergency Response, Public Relations and Safety Teams and their targeted or mandated contact groups.

Fast, Accurate Dialing Campaigns
Capable of rapid out-bound calling campaigns to up to 10,000 different telephone numbers with up to seven individual calling groups, each with its own set of dialing rules. The Emergency Response is designed to call each member of each group and deliver a pre-recorded voice or voice to e-mail message. If it is unable to deliver that message it will keep trying until its program tells it to stop, and each time it tries a delivery it logs the time, date and numbered attempt.

Modular Open System Architecture
Scalable from 4 to 240 ports, this powerful server based out-bound notification system has been developed by VoiceGate’s award winning design team to provide fast, manageable calling campaigns to thousands of telephone numbers, in a very short period of time.

Designed to open industry standards, and powered by Microsoft* and Intel* telephony and Server based technologies, VoiceGate ensures your system can easily expand to contact a greater number of people in a shorter period of time, as well as accept new technologies as they come available. VoiceGate future proofs your communication investment making VoiceGate designed products the right choice for your needs today, and well into the future.

Delivering Flexibility and Ease of Use
The Emergency Response, Mass Messenger allows for set-up of up to 100 calling groups, each with their own dialing rules and individual customized message. Each group can be prioritized over the other in out-dialing sequence and the system will cascade the dialing campaign from one group to another. Alternatively, for dire emergency situations, a simple command launches an out-bound dialing campaign to each number in all groups.

Administrators can have the system notify one group, or all groups, with a simple click of their mouse.

Administrators can have the ability to abort a notification sequence and re-start it from the last number dialed; or, they have the ability to re-set a sequence and re-start the notification campaign from the beginning of the dialing list should they so desire.

Cross Media Messaging
The system allows messages to be sent in three mediums: Text to speech (tts), pre-recorded voice and e-mail. Administrator’s must choose between voice or TTS but can have the option to send e-mail notification in addition to either TTS or voice messages.

If an e-mail notification is sent, it is sent as a WAV file attachment of the voice message currently being delivered; or, as a simple text message of the TTS message that would be delivered by phone notification. Flexible dialing rules around residences or individuals can allow both voice and e-mail message delivery: if a message can be delivered, The Emergency Response will do so, even if its target is on-line when a dialing campaign has been launched**

The e-mail notification is great for rural communities where dial up Internet access is still widely used and The Emergency Response trying to send a message and the called party is on-line tying up their phone line blocking the message delivery attempt(s). Now, even if the called party is on their computer, the system can attempt to contact them to deliver an important message or information update.

Improve Target Audience Relations
Communities surrounding any facility that may experience a catastrophic event that would adversely affect people living nearby will feel more secure knowing the Emergency Response Team has the capability to quickly notify, and give instructions on how to deal with adverse events that could affect their person, family, property, or community.

The Emergency Response is a high-profile tangible commitment to ensuring community safety by providing timely, accurate information increasing the level of communication between Emergency Response or Public Relations teams and their targeted audiences.

Enhance community service and involvement by promoting specific community safety goals and objectives in a cost effective, timely manner. Response, Safety or PR teams can include community, employees, management and even the media in communication drills and exercises: this gives all parties an increased sense of involvement and safety.

Improved Inter-Organizational Communication
Including senior members of the organization managing The Emergency Response’s dialing lists ensures management and facilitators are informed of all messages it sends, immediately making them aware a dialing campaign has been launched. Remote members of these organizations can be notified by e-mail keeping them informed without incurring long distance charges; however, in the case of a real emergency, these members can be notified real time, at their option.

On-Going Up-To-Date Bulletins
All members of the dialing community will benefit from continued communication after the initial emergency bulletin has been delivered. Emergency Response or PR Administrators can provide a continuous on-going stream of information regarding the event currently taking place by simply recording a message and re-launching the The Emergency Response pre-programmed permission based dialing campaign.

Free up Valuable Human Resources
Use The Emergency Response to perform all out-bound dialing campaigns for emergency or public awareness reasons. No need to hire and dedicate individuals to perform this task. Simply click a button on the Administrator’s Terminal, record or type a message, and let The Emergency Response, The Dialing Machine, do the rest.

Save on Administration – Data Base Integration
Use the The Emergency Response, Mass Messenger to free administrator’s from timely re-entry of data or keeping separate lists for notification campaigns by implementing its optional data base module. Simply upload the list of names, numbers and addresses from the central corporate database, set the dialing rules around each number or household, and you are ready to immediately administer or co-ordinate an out-bound dialing campaign.

When a campaign is finished, The Emergency Response will provide clear, concise reports detailing who was called, how many times they were called, how many attempts were made to deliver a message, and if the message was delivered.

If an unsuccessful delivery was made, a click of the mouse will tell the system to re-dial all numbers to which it has had marked as “unsuccessful delivery attempt(s)”.

Limit Liability
The Emergency Response not only facilitates rapid dissemination of critical information limiting the dialing community’s exposure to potentially catastrophic events, it also keeps meticulous records of every dialing attempt, every number dialed, how many times it was dialed, when it was dialed, if it successfully delivered a message and even if it delivered the message to an answering machine! Organizations using The Emergency Response to stay connected with their dialing community will benefit by holding the proof that attempted, or successful delivery of critical information and messages had indeed taken place – in time, every time.

Industrial Grade***
Microsoft* and Intel* based, The Emergency Response is designed to function in even the most arduous environments. As an optional upgrade, VoiceGate can design the system’s platform as a rack mounted industrial grade server. Designed to Military specifications, The Dialing Engine’s industrial grade server will ensure peace of mind when the time comes for action.

Protect Valuable Data Records
RAID 1 controllers are a standard offering ensuring real time, mirrored, back up of valuable data. Hard drive redundancy can protect your system form down-time or failure when you need it most: protecting your organization and the dialing community.

Data Archiving
The Emergency Response can be configured with a DVDR to provide back up of valuable data on all dialing campaigns and even critical administrative keystrokes. Automated archival and easy retrieval of data from a DVD is an economical and efficient way to store data on a long-term basis, protecting your investment today and into the future.

Chemical Manufacturers
Disaster Response
Environmental Agencies
Fire Departments
Hazardous Material Processing Stations
Medical Agencies
Penal and Half Way Houses
Power Facilities
Virus and Disease Research Facilities

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** The called party must be capable of receiving e-mail in real time.
*** VoiceGate reserves the right to change system hardware and software specifications without notice.

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