Contact Manager
Automated Date Base Contact Information Update Utility

No matter how large or small your emergency calling contact list, keeping your first responder, contact and human resource databases up-to-date is time consuming, tedious and costly.

- You cannot afford to be missing vital contact information of key individuals in a time of crisis…

There is An Affordable Solution:
VoiceGate’s Contact Manager operates using its advanced “Dialing Engine” technology: the same “Dialing Engine” that powers The Emergency Response, our Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity emergency planning and automated dialing system.

The Contact Manager will enable you to be proactive in automating the validation and update process of all your database contact information including:

  • Contact Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Five Telephone Numbers
  • Fax Number
  • E-mail Address
  • Pager Numbers

How Does It Work?
Setting it up is easy. Simply import your personnel or contact databases into The Emergency Response’s powerful database configuration wizard….

  • Create a sub group of the contacts you would like to update.
  • Click a button and launch a contact verification-dialing program. The Emergency Response will call, contact and verify all the names and contact information in your sub-grouped (or entire) database.

If needed, PIN numbers can be used to authenticate the person who answers our call is the correct contact person. That person can confirm or amend their contact information right then on the same phone call!

- No need to have them call another number and tie up valuable human resources to complete the update process…

The called party receives a pre-recorded message requesting confirmation of name, address, telephone numbers -both primary and secondary and alternate-fax number, pager number and e-mail address.

- The Contact Manager will even speak to the called party in their language of choice - English or French Canadian…

Updates Made Easy:
If all data base information on record is accurate: the called party will “Press 1” after each query. The call is over, and you know you have current contact information on file for that person.

If any of the information provided is inaccurate: the called party will “Press 2” and amend their contact numbers or information.

-Now you know this person’s information is up-to-date…

Data Base Manager’s Reports:
All updated records will be saved in a system update report for the data base manager, or system administrator, to review and export to other human resource management software should they choose to do so.

All calls not completed, where the person answering was not the intended contact; or, the call did not go through because of inaccurate dialing information, will also appear in an exception report for the data base manger to review.

This empowers date base managers to identify missing or inaccurate contact information and take proactive steps to follow-up on the missed contacts and obtain updated information from other sources.

-VoiceGate’s “Contact Manager” will ensure that your contact data base lists are always up-to-date…

The Contact Manager’s powerful, easy to use, Windows* based platform delivers a fast return on investment in one affordable, desktop solution.
Coming soon to the Contact Manager
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